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Thanksgiving 2020

People always ask why we started Barkeeps and Butlers. The answer is simple. We love meeting, serving, helping, and engaging with people! This job lets us meet people from all different backgrounds, from all walks of life. One of the best parts is that when we are with people when they are celebrating and having fun!

After 2020 we can all use more laughter and fun.

As a new and growing business this year has certainly been a challenge. Yet, as we think of all we’ve encountered, in the end we have learned a lot. This year was difficult but there was a certain type of beauty that came out of this turmoil. Perhaps being a new business was a blessing in disguise. We are excited to meet 2021, hopeful that perhaps the world will return to normal.

This Thanksgiving even more so is a time to reflect on this past year and appreciate our blessings. We are grateful and thankful that we:

Are nimble and able to quickly adjust schedules

Have a great team that works well together and enjoys what they do

Have received tons of compliments on our service

Are now booking friends of other clients we’ve served

Are flexible and willing to customize our menus to personalize each event

Have met and worked alongside so many other great vendors at beautiful venues

Have played a part in celebrating love and life and accomplishments

As we enjoy Thanksgiving with alongside our family, we will remember the lessons we learned this year. We will appreciate the importance of serving others. We will commit to being prepared so others will be thankful they can count on us without worry. We will continue to be approachable and fun, always making others feel welcome. We will embody hospitality. We will count our blessings and be thankful.

We look forward to what 2021 brings. Stay safe and healthy this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving from Barkeeps and Butlers.

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