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Wedding Day Jitters

The day of your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. Your reception should be an amazing event, filled with excitement, wonders and joy. You’ve made hundreds of decisions! There should be no more apprehension or worry, especially when it comes to whether everything will flow smoothly at your venue.

We at Barkeeps and Butlers understand. We don’t want any of our brides and grooms to spend even one second wondering about their cocktail service, bar set up, etc.

After all, you have taken great pains to plan everything down to the last detail, and it can be nerve wracking to rely on a vendor to pull everything off without a hitch. At the back of your mind you shouldn’t wonder “What if…..”

Not only have we planned and serviced many events from intimate wedding ceremonies to large-scale national events, we have been in the industry a long time. We have built great working relationships with many venues in the Upstate area. If your venue is new to us, we will visit it several weeks prior to your wedding. Being there in person is essential to planning as we get a better idea of the unique atmosphere of your event. We look at everything the venue offers such as prep kitchen space, ice machines, load-in space, tables, chairs. You name it, we have it covered. Not only does this ensure we are fully equipped to manage your special day, but it also puts the venue owners at ease. You would be surprised to hear how often venue owners tell us they wish everyone would visit before working an event! Our visiting your chosen venue eliminates any surprises on your wedding day. We want to make sure everything is as beautiful as you imagined it!

We take photos of the venue so that we can train our team to know the specifics of your event. This is also helpful because it ensures we set up the best bar we possibly can. Sometimes venues have restricted access for unloading, limitations of space, or don’t provide ice. We make sure we are aware of all these things well ahead of time.

Our pre-planning and preparation means you never have to think about your bar and cocktail service.

We love what we do. Seeing the happiness of a couple on their wedding day fills our hearts with joy. We promise that we will do everything possible to ‘wow’ you and your guests with our service and presentation. We look forward to working with you to ensure your special day is amazing!

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